Staff Profile

Dr Susan Chantelle Dunn


General Practice Clinician

Dr Susan Chantelle Dunn completed a Zoology degree at JCU prior to doing veterinary science at JCU

She graduated in 2012 and worked at JCU Vet as a new grad, where she enjoyed working as part of the emergency  team.

Dr Dunn then took a few years off to have children, before rejoining JCUVet in 2019

She is mum to two beautiful kids and a demon cat named Pixie. Pixie is a naughty torti, that was hand raised by one of the amazing nurses she worked with, so she has a bit of an identity crisis (doesn’t know she is a cat, and tends to behave more like a moody teenager)

Outside of her work and family, she enjoys playing soccer (or as most people call it, football), crafting, reading and watching movies.

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