Continuing Education

JCU Vet is proud to host regular continuing education events for the veterinary community of North Queensland.

We have recently partnered with the team at Vet Education to allow us to provide some of our educational material online.  This not only helps us navigate the challenges of social distancing with COVID-19, but it allows remote Practitioners’ the opportunity to log-in from home and allows us to provide you with access to the lecture material after the event has aired live.

Upcoming events

Veterinary Dental Education CPD Evening – Townsville
Thursday 11th May, 2023
Topics Covered
Implementing strategies for improving the dental focus in the clinic .

  • How to find those missed opportunities through Dental Radiography and the
  • Elusive Grade 1’s dentals  and how to overcome challenges, the
  • Importance of consistency across the team in client recommendations
  • How to leverage your veterinary nursing team to help improve owner compliance


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Education Library

  • Sepetic Peritonitis & the Emergent Patient – with Dr Terri Eurell
  • Abdominal Surgery: Deciding When, What, and How to Biopsy – with Dr Jason Mouatt

jcuvet webinar library


Previous Events

Veterinary CPD Evening – Townsville
Monday 3rd April, 2023
Topics Covered
Managing Anesthetic Events: Cardiac Focus – Dr Victoria Lukasik
IVDD – Dr Brenton Gosztyla

Veterinary CPD Evening – Cairns
Wednesday 5th April, 2023
Topics Covered
Managing Anesthetic Events: Cardiac Focus – Dr Victoria Lukasik
IVDD – Dr Brenton Gosztyla

TPLO Orthopaedics Workshop
Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th February 2023
Topics Covered
Practical TPLO Workshop – Dr Chris Tan and Dr Lucas Beierer
Sponsored by Provet VI & Medical Plus

Veterinary CPD Evening
Wednesday, 17th November 2021
Topics Covered
Highs and Lows of Calcium, Vet Practice, What’s Changed in 40 Years – Dr. Bruce Mackay
Difficult Decisions in Fluid Therapy – Dr. Philip Judge

Veterinary Nurse CPD
Thursday, 2nd December 2021
Topics Covered
Anaesthesia Machine Set Up & Basic Monitoring Equipment – Practical Demonstration by JCUVet Anaesthesia Team
Some Common Emergencies Seen in Veterinary Practice – Dr. Terry King

Vet Nurse CPD
Thursday 23rd September 2021
Topics Covered
The Diabetic Patient – Dr Bruce Mackay
Managing Compromised Airways – Dr Jason Mouatt