Patient Referral

To assist assist in directing your patient referral, please select one of the following options:

Medicine, Surgery, Anaesthesia & Cardiology Referrals

JCU Vet referrals can submitted Online or via Email.
ONLINE: Please follow the link below to complete the Online referral request form.
EMAIL: Print this PDF and email to vet@jcu.edu.au together with a complete patient history and any relevant laboratory or imaging results.

JCU Vet ReferraL request

Please include the following information with your service request.
1)  Full patient medical history
2)  All relevant laboratory results
3) All relevant radiographs and imaging reports

When we receive your referral, we will contact the client to arrange an appointment time.

NOTE: Any email attachments over 10 mb need to be uploaded to DROPBOX. Click DROPBOX for instructions.

Dermatology Referrals

All Dermatology referrals are directed to Dr John Hutt at Dermatology for Animals