Pet of the Week – Tahi

Introducing the Medicine Pet of the Week: Tahi – our frequent flyer in the JCU Medicine department! ????
Tahi is a gorgeous French Bulldog who is well known and loved at JCU Vet, but especially amongst the Medicine team. Given that this week we celebrated his 4th birthday, it’s the perfect opportunity to feature him as our ‘Pet of the Week’!
Tahi presented at JCU at the age of 2 with neurological symptoms. He was circling, pacing, staring into corners, was ataxic (not coordinated) and depressed.
Little Tahi had a series of diagnostic tests, some of which included a CT, a CSF tap (analysis of his cerebrospinal fluid) and blood tests. He was then diagnosed with Meningoencephalitis of unknown origin (MUO).
MUO is an inflammatory disease of the Central nervous system, which in dogs, normally, is an “auto-immune” disease.
Signs may vary but include:
❗ Ataxia (lack of coordination)
❗️ Vision problems
❗️ Depressed attitude
❗️ Head tilt
❗️ Circling
❗️ Seizures
Treatment is long term, and often for life.
Part of Tahi’s treatment requires him to visit our JCU Medicine team twice a month for his injectable medication and for some (vital) cuddles with the team!
He is a brave little boy who has been a real trooper with his frequent hospital visits, and since the start of his treatment, has improved by leaps and bounds!
Happy Birthday Tahi, from all of us here at JCU Vet!

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