In case of an emergency please call 1300 JCU VET (528 838)


A green sea turtle has had a lucky escape from death, after swallowing a hook and fishing line off The Strand.

Townsville is vulnerable to a number of natural disasters including severe storms, cyclones, flooding and bushfires.

Looking for a fun day out for the entire family? The Townsville Pet Expo is back bigger than ever in 2017!

You don’t have to be a vet to save pet’s lives, register your pet as a potential blood donor.

Liver disease is a common finding in obese birds, which have been fed a seed diet for a prolonged period of time.

Dental disease can contribute to a range of other health-related problems.

The Heart Foundation walking groups are a free, social, fun and easy way for people to be active.

Our veterinary hospital is open on all public holidays throughout 2017 in the event of a pet emergency.

In an emergency situation, would you know what to do? Effective first aid could save your pet's life.