Redge-dog hit by a car

Redge is one tough cookie!
Redge presented to JCUVet after being hit by a car. While in hospital he had a CT scan which revealed extensive musculoskeletal injuries but miraculously no serious damage to his internal organs!! His long list of injuries included head trauma, two broken legs, a dislocated hip, multiple teeth fractures, fluid around his lungs, a small break to the bone around his eye and soft tissue injuries over his abdomen, forelimbs and head.
During his stay in hospital Regde underwent multiple orthopedic surgeries to repair his fractures. Our team of wonderful vets and nurses cared for Redge day and night until it was time for this beautiful boy to finally make his way home to his family.
At Redge’s last post-op visit (there have been many), Dr Brenton brought him through to say hello to everyone at our staff meeting and sit in as a guest of honour. Redge was such a pleasure to care for during his time in hospital and we are all so pleased to have been able to witness his incredible recovery!

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