Meet cat Ollie

Meet Ollie!

This little mouse is only 990grams, yet tough as nails  He came in over the weekend after an accident at home that left him with a broken femur (thigh bone). Kitten’s are daredevils and tend to get into all kinds of mischief, so it’s not uncommon that they present with these kinds of injuries.

In Ollie’s case, surgical repair of the leg was not possible, so we decided to perform an amputation. Animals always amaze us after these types of procedures, as they adapt phenomenally fast. The below pictures of Ollie were taken less than 24 hours after surgery. He had a visit with his ‘brothers’ in the morning and was home in time for dinner.

With no shortage of TLC at home, we have no doubt that Ollie will be zooming around on those three little legs in no time. Not too fast though Ollie, doctor’s orders are to rest up!

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